Custom camper vans
Built for you.

VRsurMesure simplifies the construction of your RV; the only limit is your dream!


VRsurMesure manufactures plug-and-play modules as well as parts and accessories for RV self-builders. VRsurMesure also takes care of the layout of your tailor-made RV, made just the way you want it.

As our name implies, VRsurMesure adapts to your needs, budget and financial situation.

The entire design is guarantied for three years. The manufacturer’s warranty applies on parts and accessories.

VRsurMesure offers a variety of conversions to suit your needs. The conversion time may therefore vary depending on the selected project. Our technicians will do their best to provide you with accurate information, depending on your project and your needs.

Regardless of the class B vehicle platform chosen by the customer (RAM ProMaster, Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, etc.), our technicians will make it possible for you to have comfortable and enchanting trips.

Are you a fan of winter? VRsurMesure can adapt your vehicle so you can get the most out of it, even in extreme temperatures.